Evan choi (art director)


Hey !

My original Korean name is Hyun Chul Choi ( English name is way easier to pronounce heh? ) , a Senior advertising student at SVA and will be graduating in May of 2017.

As we increasingly enter a digital age, problem solving is one of the biggest assets in making people’s lives better and we have to nail it in innovative and funny way. We all know that when we have an idea, we have to haul ass before someone else has a similar idea (and executes beautifully). Honestly, I get jealous if I can't come up with killer idea before someone does it !

These are my secret weapons:

I’m one of a kind person who can come up with creative, highly conceptual, funny ideas.

Outgoing and fun but also honest and know to respect different points of view.

I don’t stop until my work is 100%.

Lastly, I love to learn from different people.


P.S - Trust me I can make anything funny. 


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